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Cwmbran Celtic FC


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Match Report


4th Team

Gavin Powell (1)

Gavin Protherough (1)

Shane Harris (Twin) (1)

Shaun Beagen (1)

Sat 02 Sep 2006




Star player: Shane Harris (Twin)

Cardiff Cosmos

With more change in personnel cohesion was always going to be a problem, but after a slow start we got the ball down and started to play some nice football.

Gavin Protherough opended the scoring with a well timed run and shot at the far post, this was followed buy some lovely wing play by Shane Harris that end with him crossing for goals by both Pest (probably the only time he was not flaged offside, I have asked his wife if she can explain the offside rule to him tonight)and Beagen.

In between Twinel picked up the ball on his own 18 yard box and started of on a gallop, as the opposition defence pushed out he went on his own only finally stopped by the keeper hauling him down in the box, from which he cooly slotted home the penalty.

Starting line up

  • 13

    Gerald Silverthorne

    Match rating: 6

  • 3

    Joseph Hackwood

    Match rating: 7

  • 2

    Shaun Beagen

    Match rating: 7

  • 5

    Paul Cullerton

    Match rating: 7

  • 22

    Shane Harris (Twin)

    Match rating: 8

  • 6

    Gavin Protherough

    Match rating: 7

  • 7

    Ian Jones

    Match rating: 7

  • 8

    Dan Darby

    Match rating: 7

  • 9

    Gavin Powell

    Match rating: 6

  • 11

    Shane Harris

    Match rating: 6


  • 10

    Mathew Vella

    Match rating: 6

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